Bronze DofE

Last Saturday we took our 22 year 9 students off for their assessed expedition. All students met us at school and most had learnt a lesson or two since their practice and decided to pack much lighter!!

We arrived at our campsite and set all groups off on their day 1 walk. Once again Lost Girls lived up to their names, but managed to reach the campsite before the every other group. Next back to camp were the Bushtucker girls and bringing up the back were Cool Kids and Mandem. All were in very good spirits that night so after cooking their meals they decided to play some rounders, football and frisbee. We shared the campsite with another school and all of our students did Kingsdown School extremely proud throughout.

The next morning Lost Girls were first to pack up their tents whilst Mandem were slightly lagging…. perhaps due to the chatting that went on during the early hours…? All were then sent off for their second day of walking. Each of the groups did much better on their navigation skills during day 2 and all managed to get through all three checkpoints without getting too lost.

At the end of day 2 Miss Bryant congratulated all 22 students on passing their assessed expedition. Please don’t forget to put all of your evidence online ASAP. Miss Bryant is coming into assembly this week to present to you the silver DofE so if you’re interested please grab a letter.

Well done everyone!

Good morning happy campers!

One group decided to keep Miss Bryant up most of the night chatting, which leaves a grumpy Miss Bryant and very tired students.

Apart from that all has gone well. All students have left camp for their second day of expedition. All teachers are at their check points for the day and Mrs Ridley has made some new friends, chatting to the cows.

We will keep you updated on the weather but it’s perfect walking weather at the moment, cloudy and 14 degrees.

Evening update

All groups are now back to camp, pitching their tents and making their evening meal.

There have been some very questionable map reading skills today. Lost girls managed to get back to camp first of all…. but missed half of their route. Next to arrive back at camp was Bushtucker girls who managed to go through all of their check points. Quotes of the day from Mia include “we’ve had the greatest outdoors day ever” and “those vampire flies are evil”.

After that there was a close battle between Cool Kids 🙂 and Mandem to race back to camp. Quote of the day from Josh “Shannon started shouting at me and it was scary”.

All are now in very good spirits, having had their food and now relaxing for a couple of hours.

Silver expedition

Last weekend our 17 year 10 students completed their real silver expedition which consisted of 3 days walking and 2 nights camping. This was on one of the hottest weekends of the year and so all students were briefed before on the safety measures we’d put in place for them.

Students met us at school on the Friday afternoon, all ready with extra water and sun cream. From there we took the students over to Wilcot for our expedition, all 3 groups were very strong throughout. However 2 groups were getting tired in the evening so it took a walk out by Mrs Ridley, Miss Bryant and Miss Maller to sort them out and get back to camp in time before it got dark. That evening all was quite by 9pm.

Students were up bright and early the next morning ready to go out on their 2nd day of walking. Students left nice and early to ensure that they were not still walking when it came to the hottest part of the day. All made it through the check points and no one looked like a lobster by the end of it. Students got back to camp early afternoon where a shelter was put up and each had an ice cream to cool them down. That evening again was a very quiet one where all students were in bed by 9pm.

On the final day of their expedition, students were again up nice and early and ready to go and absolutely whizzed through the whole of the course.

All 17 of our students completed the 3 day silver DofE expedition and all did so with so much determination and resilience. They have done Kingsdown extremely proud and should be so proud of how much and how fare they have come. Well done to each and every one of them.

Don’t forget to upload all of your evidence ASAP!

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